A Day At Preschool

Free Choice Time

Children learn best through exploration and fun! Your child can build with blocks, play dress, explore at the sensory table, create with play dough, & so much more!

Circle Time

Counting friends, going over the calendar, days of the week, month, date and year, seasons. giving the weather report, dressing our classroom weather bear, learning what our unit of study will be, working on our listening skills & classroom discussion are just a few things we do at circle time!

Art Time

Ready to get messy? EACH day we correlate our theme or unit of study to our art projects. Your child will improve their fine motor skills through cutting, gluing, & writing their name. Their artistic ability will shine through with "free style" art like painting or "scrap box" art or teacher directed art projects. Move over Picasso!


We believe that children going into Kindergarten should be able to seek out centers in the classroom & learn on their own as well as being directed from the teachers. Explore the reading corner for some quiet time, science center for exploration & curiosity, easel for painting & drawing, & table activities for working on math skills,matching, measuring, & more!

Snack Time

Children learn best when their tummy is full! Applesauce, graham crackers, pretzels, cereal, string cheese, yogurt, fresh fruit & more is provided each day for snack time. YUM!

Story Time/Music

Love books? So do we!! We have a huge collection of books to pull from for our story time each day! We also get visits each month from the "Bookmobile" where we can hop on board and pick out books from the library for our classroom. Great time to work on listening skills & their ever growing attention span too! Music is showcased each day in our classroom with fun songs and body movements that keep the smiles on their faces!

Gym/Outdoor Play

Get those wiggles out! Each day your child will develop their gross motor skills through activities in the gym: parachute, balls, bean bags, pool noodles & more! We also have a great fenced in playground for outdoor running & fun!