KENYA KONNECTION 2017     10/24 - 11/6

Gurnee Community Church will be sending a Mission team to Kenya in October 2017. The team will be working with our Ministry partners Simon and Margaret Muhota at Abba's House where they will work on constructing a classroom, painting and conducting a VBS.


October 29

We are in Kijabe for services at Simon's church. This is the first chance we have been able to get through. Here is the quick update. Travel went very well, although we were all tired. One bag of the 10 brought was lost but recovered in a couple of days. After a day of recovery and play with the children of Abba's house we went to work. Kristie and Nancy made final arrangements for VBS. Brian, Hank, and Paul went to work building the trusses for the 3rd grade classroom. By the end of the day the trusses were up and set. On Saturday, Kristie and Nancy held VBS for a little over 40 children, with more expected today. Brian, Hank and Paul worked on supporting the trusses that were set the day before. The weather has been beautiful, with the outside workers getting sunburned. Today, Brian was asked to preach both worship services (1st English, 2nd Swahili) today at African-Inland Church - Kijabe Mission (Simon's Church). This afternoon VBS again. On Monday, Nancy and Kristie start work on painting the big room at Abba's, while the men continue their work on the 3rd grade classroom...hopefully the roof will go on. We will do our best to update depending on our access to the internet.

October 26

We got word this morning that the team has arrived safely at Abba's House.  Their internet connection is not good so updates will probably be sporadic.