About Our Trip

Thank you to all who contributed to the Kenya team mission! God truly blessed this team. Each of our partners sends greetings back to you with a "Thank you" for sending us. For the Kijabe Guest House you provided funds that were used for the purchase and installation of two new water tanks, repair and painting of the original building and making of new curtains by local workers. The requested underwear was provided to 85 children at the two Little Lambs centers and 33 children at Abba's House. School supplies and recess toys, like soccer balls and jump ropes, brought delighted squeals from the children at three locations. There was an excellent response to the seminar facilitated by Bishop Paul Manyara, Pastor Chris and Steve Saunders with over 100 pastors in attendance. They have an open invitation to return with a another seminar. A number of people came forward for either a first time or renewal of faith commitment to Christ after the sermon preached by Pastor Chris on Sunday. The women, Amy Gibes, Emma Cramer, Loann Martens, Michelle Saunders and Nancy Westover, had the opportunity to deliver food and encouragement to women and children in need: elderly, disabled or living in dire circumstances. Under the guidance of Leah Manyara, they were able to visit these women in their homes and listen, share and pray with them. It was a great time of walking along side or partners, bringing increased understanding of the daily work they do to share Christ and His love and deepening our friendship with them. Please click on the link below for a brief overview of the trip. Also, please fell free to talk to any of the participants for further details. They would love to share the joy and blessing with you!

You may see more photos in video format HERE

Building that is being painted with funds we provided!

Pastor Chris and Steve have been teaching seminars on Ephesians to over 100 pastors which have been very well attended and received.  The women went with Leah to visit women she knows who are struggling and in need of help, praying with them and giving them some staple foods. Amy spoke at a women’s bible study.