Saturday, September 29.  3pm - 4:30pm @ GCC

936 weeks. That’s how long the average child spends under the direct care and nurture of his/her parents. That’s 936 weeks in a kid’s life when we can leverage distinctive opportunities to influence their future. Not much time is it?

When referring to our children we often say, “they’re just going through a phase.” Well, that idea takes on a new importance when it comes up against the reality of 936 weeks, doesn’t it?

Join us on Saturday, September 29 from 3pm -4:30pm for a Mini-Retreat that will introduce you to the Phase project: a synthesis of personal experience, academic research, and hours of focus groups with leaders designed to provide parents with exactly what they need to make the most of each phase in their kid’s life.  

Child-care (Age 0 thru 5th grade) available. You must register for this mini-retreat - click HERE