Friday nights April 9th - May 7th

7pm - 9pm

@ GCC Fellowship Hall or Zoom

I Choose You is a 5-session conversation with Laura and Chris Stephens about finding daily joy in your marriage relationship. Marriage is hard, and none of us do it perfectly. But God designed men and women to experience marriage as a lifetime of ever-increasing joy together.

Laura and Chris will be sharing stories and lessons learned from their own 30+ years of failures and successes in marriage and from wise counsel they have received over the years. They will be inviting you to both learn from them and also to add to the conversation from your own experiences so we can all experience the joy of life together within marriage.

This class will be hosted in-person at GCC with the option to join remotely via Zoom. There is no cost, but you must register to attend. Please note that this is the the same content that was shared during the marriage class hosted by Chris and Laura in June of 2019.  Click HERE to register.